Rooibos and Olive Leaf 50g

Rooibos and Olive Leaf 50g

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Brewing a pot of this aromatic tea conjures the soft, floral flavour of Olive Leaf, complemented by the full-bodied, richness of Rooibos. Enjoy hot or cold and add mint or fruit for a refreshing iced tea.

Support For Your Heart
Research has shown that Olive Leaf assists in the maintenance of normal heart function. It helps to maintain a normal, healthy cardiovascular system

Immune Support
Olive leaves have always been used to enhance the immune system. It is the ideal tea to drink when suffering with colds or flu, and is particularly good when suffering from a high fever. It has the ability to fight bacteria.

A Powerful Antioxidant
With huge antioxidant power of its own, when combined with the great antioxidant benefits of Rooibos tea, the Rooibos and Olive Leaf Tea is a powerful enemy of free radicals in your system.