DermaLift II

DermaLift II

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The DermaLIFT II is a unique device which treats the body and face using three interchangeable heads, which include the galvanic ion head, a blue phototherapy head and a red phototherapy head.
The galvanic ion head has three phases which include CLEANSE, NOURISH and LIFT, while the red and blue phototherapy heads have a sole main function. Each phase or function is recommended to be done for a period of four minutes at a time.

When the galvanic ion head is attached and the device is set to the CLEANSE phase, impurities are removed from the skin, the pH balance of the skin is restored, the quality of problem skin is improved and deep cleansing takes place. When the device is set to the NOURISH phase, the elasticity and tone of the skin is improved and the skin is prepared for the LIFT phase. When the device is set to the LIFT phase, the skin is lifted, becomes firm, muscle tension and frown lines are reduced, skin colour is improved and the collagen structure is restored.

Following treatment with the galvanic head, the red or blue phototherapy heads can be attached for a more specialised treatment for the face and body. When the red phototherapy head is attached to the device, collagen production is activated and pain relief is triggered, and when the blue phototherapy head is attached, bacteria is broken down, blemishes are cleared, and acne is healed.

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